Playground Marking Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland

No playground is complete without decorative markings in an array of bold colours. Shannon Roadmarkings Ltd serves schools and authorities throughout Ireland. Contact us to enquire.

playground markings

Our decorative markings are perfect for children's play areas

Decorative floor markings should be an integral component of any school or nursery playground. Such markings encourage interactive play and can inspire children to be in charge of their own active learning. We can mark out classic games, adorn the area with colourful characters and shapes, design logos, and so much more, to make any space appear more inviting, attractive and fun!

Our playground markings will withstand the sun and rain, as well as heavy footfall, for many years to come.

Some of the decorative line-marking options we offer:

We have built a reputation as one of the country’s foremost road-marking companies operating in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

  • Traditional schoolyard games

  • Numbered grids

  • Mazes

  • Clocks and compasses

  • Bespoke designs

  • School crests

  • Exercise and activity circuits

  • Line removal and reapplication

Benefits and features

  • Easily applied by hand or by spraying

  • Suitable for large or small areas.

  • Range of colour options

  • Reflective options for high visibility.

  • Highly durable even after repeated footfall and heavy use

  • Colours are guaranteed to stay vibrant for a long time, meaning your play area will look fantastic for years to come

playground markings

We provide road markings to any specification.

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