Anti Skid & High Friction Surfacing Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Shannon Roadmarkings Ltd is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We offer hot and cold-applied high friction surfacing for councils and road contractors throughout Ireland.

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Ensuring road safety where it is needed the most

Many, many accidents are caused by drivers losing control of their vehicles. This is a dangerous enough situation for any driver to be in, and the risk of serious injury or even death only increases with the number of vehicles involved.

By laying anti-skid surfacing in key areas such as pedestrian crossings, cycle paths, junctions and other high-risk areas, you can help to significantly reduce the risk of an accident taking place, making your area a safer place for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Our anti-skid surfacing can be applied to any surface type and is effective under all weather conditions.

Some of the decorative line-marking options we offer:

We have built a reputation as one of the country’s foremost road-marking companies operating in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

  • BBA Hapas Type 1 Cold Applied

    For heavy traffic and long life. Strong, flexible and durable, it provides a safe anti-skid surface and enables the smooth and rapid movement of vehicles and pedestrians, whether conditions are wet or dry.

  • BBA Hapas Type 1 Hot Applied

    Ideal for use in heavy traffic and hazard zones, including approaches to pedestrian areas and areas with multi-directional traffic. Can be applied all year round.

  • BBA Hapas Type 1 MMA High Friction Coloured Surfacing

    A high-performance, high-friction surface finish, available in a range of colours and skid resistances. Has a zero-erosion index, meaning it bears the highest possible rating for wear resistance. Winter grade enables all-year-round application. We are a BBA approved HFS installer.

We provide road markings to any specification.

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